Sunday Snow Throwers   January 5, 2013 at 12:12am

Week 2 Estabrook 9 AM

I played Estabrook today and I have to thank Greg Klein and all the others who help to keep those teepads clear. Those are by far the best concrete tees to play on in winter because of their rough finish.

I will be at the park between 8:00-8:30 at the latest to allow for early checkins and funny money redemptions. If you have funny money coming from Discin In The Dark or last weeks league it will be available.

We will do a CTP or other contest this week. I forgot about that last week so the funds rolled directly into the weekly payout last week instead of having a separate payout for the CTP.

I also just received a nice order of Vibram Laces, I have added some MVP discs (including the new Volt and Amp), as well as a bunch of the new Dynamic Discs line of discs (Judge, Fugitive, Escape, Tresspass) since Discin In The Dark ended. Some people who have met up with me have already gotten their hands on some of this supply, and I will be happy to place another order for more of that new stuff if people are interested . . . including special requests.