24 Cha!ns Winter 2012-2013   December 27, 2012 at 6:40pm

Sundays Game Pirates Bay A.K.A Water Works 10:00

AHOOOOOOOY ye matey!!!!!

We hope all you scrubs filled your bellies with plenty of swine and rum, because we doin' work. This week there was no vote because guess what.....WE BE SAILIN' TO HOME PORT! That's right all you scaly wags, hoist the main sail, strap down the cannons and get all the ammo ready, because we flying home to defend ye Pirate Bay!!! This IS Pirate Country, so sharpen the swords and be ready for battle. We take no guff and plan on plundering all their is to plunder. Be it thy ever climbing ace pool, riding dirty dollars, nut sack, or hide the pickle.....We be takin' all your monies. I can already tell ya...expect 27 holes of madness. Pirate Bay be thy only place where the Kaptin has lead a full blown mutiny. I tell ya folks, if the crystal cold waters of the Huron could talk, it be whispering plenty of pirate tails.

Bring shovels mates.....Who knows what weather be in store for us. 24 Cha!ns will be clearing pads if need be. And be ready at all times, the Admiral might see a repair or two whilst we be sailing. It's our port to maintain, so always be ready to DO WORK SON!


-Mr Even