24 Cha!ns Winter 2012-2013   December 20, 2012 at 5:35pm

Sunday's game @ Freedom 10:00 am

Ho Ho Ho ye Matey's!

Just because the season of giving is here, doesn't mean we take a break from plunderin'. This week be no different, and the ship of fools has cast their vote. Hoist the main sail, and button down the hatches as we set sail for Freedom Park! Oh yeah.....We only play the Pirate way here, and we be teeing from thy Pirate Tees!!!! Get your arms stretched out, because we be sendin' a spotter or two

Make sure your provisions be ready, because the streets and stores be packed with thy commoner getting ready for some Xmas Cheer. This be 24 Cha!ns country, so come ready to play dirty. This course is lean and mean, just like all of you scurvy dogs. No change in time, we tee off at 10am sharp. The Ace Pool be growing, so expect a bagger or twelve...They see this course as ripe pickings and many be searching for our treasure. All the regular games like Tarzan, Dirties and god only knows what else will be in affect. The Admiral will be calling on all of you to defend the Ace Pool in his absence at all costs, don't let him down or ye be walkin' the plank!


-Mr Even