Derek Michalak  › Firefighters Park   December 19, 2012 at 7:15pm

MCCG Ice Bowl....I am offering up my own personal $50 bounty to one person that can beat my $540 and is the highest cash contributor at this years Motor City Chain Gangs Ice Bowl event. If I exceed the $540 and win again then I will give that $50 to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen on top of my regular $20 donation. I have won the highest cash donation the last three years starting with my first Ice Bowl in 2010 with $144, then 2011 with $330 and 2012 with $540. This isn't hard to do and any one of you can do better then this. All I do is send out one email and then a reminder email as it gets closer to the event, that's it. I do not go door to door or even take the pledge sheets to holiday parties. I do very little and I was still able to collect and contribute $540 last year.

This is also a way to get the word out about disc golf. So many people have no idea what we do or what our baskets are actually used for. Help spread the word and help a good cause. Last year MCCG raised $6,000 for the kitchen and looking at this years figures so far it's going to be really hard to exceed that if no one else helps contribute.

Don't just think of this as a tournament in the snow or cold ass weather. Think of this as a time to help those less fortunate.

Just about everyone of you can beat me on the course but can you beat me at this???? BRING IT!!!

If you want a copy of my email that I send please PM me your email address and i'll forwrad you a copy.

Also if you don't want to contribute by supplying a cash or food donation. Bring some good plastic to the event for the raffel that you just have laying around. The better stuff in the raffel the more tickets people will buy trying to obtain those items.

One last note....I sent out my email just before typing this up and already have $50 in pledges. See it's that easy.