Black & White   December 18, 2012 at 5:13am

Wethall Discgolf

Another fun day out on the disc golf course with the Black & White crew. Yesterday was a little short of players but none the less it was a great day out in the woods as always. In the first round Big Bend Double Stroke winner Mike Wolters and Randy Gallagher were teamed up against team Jim Tim, not to be confused with "Moonshiners" Jim Tom. Both teams shot well keeping it a fairly close match in stroke play the entire team cashing out skins only in opportune moments. The round was very competitive with Mike winning the first CTP by a disc flip between Tim and himself. Both golfers were at the exact same distance from the basket. Also something worth mentioning is the use of Jimmy's Black Beauty. The Crystal Z Flex Buzzz that found it's way into his bag seemed to sneak through the most narrow of spots and got him here he needed to be. This round was a little wet but nothing too bad to complain about.

During the second round we got back out and were playing just as well as the first round keeping things real tight until the rain came down a little more and made the discs start slipping quite a bit. The second round CTP went to Randy Gallagher due to another long pace off decision that resulted in half a step distance. Talk about close. The main highlights of the round was the consistency of Tim through the rain, keeping his composure through most of the round and a couple of MASSIVE putts by RG. One put was just a long hyzer that dropped in on deep 9 one. The other was an "act of god" putt on hole 9. From about 35-40 feet the putt hit the basket and almost bobbled out and due to a gust of wind it hopped right back in the chains and came to rest in the basket to push the skins to the next hole.

Everyone had some really awesome shots out there and we all had a good time, and for the first time both rounds were decided on the last hole with no playoff holes for skins.

Next round will be at Frankenmuth during their Snowfest weekend. There will be a few club members that will be in town for the Snowfest on Saturday with dinner and golf on Sunday. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join us for this fun weekend. Hopefully Snowfest will include snow.

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to email us.