Winter Sunday Doubles at Rockburn   December 17, 2012 at 5:26pm

Week Five

Happy to see so many new faces Sunday. We had a big crowd with 21 contestants. Many thanks go to Larry of Laurel for getting those tags done so quickly. They turned out great and it looks like we may need to order more. On his first visit to Sunday dubs at the Rock, Wayne Zink teamed up with Lol, took home the victory. Glad to see Wayne and Ray at the Rock on a Sunday morning. I know it's no Ptap! Jerry parked 15b, our final hole, to give us the 2 and a tie for second at a 51. All the money went to the winners.

Looks like the first Rockburn tag match went to Jim. I heard it was a tight match. Plan on staying after dubs each week for a match. Thanks again everyone. Ace pot jumps to $175. Ctp donations plus tag donations gives us $157 raised for Rockburn.