2012 Red Hills Disc Golf Bag Tag League   December 17, 2012 at 1:36pm


Red Hillers,

We had a nice turn out of 11 hukers for the year end bag tag toss. We decided to award those that came with the top 10 tags. However, the actual 1-10 tags were not present, so everyone just made sure they had a tag when they left, just as a keep sake. For instance, Jim finished 5th in the toss and therefore would have the #5 tag, but the #5 tag wasn't at the toss, so he just grabbed the #23 tag to keep as a momento. The leader board on Disc Golf Scene is the only place that the Year End Tags are reflected. So, if you don't have the tag that the leader board reflects, it's not a problem. We are done with tag competition for the year so whatever tag is on your bag, it's yours to keep!

Thanks to everyone who joined Red Hills Disc Golf this year, it really was a great year and we are all responsible for growing the sport of disc golf. We will have a kick off tourney sometime in mid-January, so be on the lookout for an e-mail or post as to when that will be.

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