Wednesday Night Lights Dubs Edition   December 15, 2012 at 4:29am


Just for kicks we're gonna payout up to $100 of the Ace Fund sometime towards the beginning of January. Who will be invited?:

* The first 8 people to reach 50 points OR any player who has attended EVERY glow round to that point will be invited. Points come before attendence. For example: if 8 people have 50+ points and 2 people have attended all the leagues but have less than 50 points the 8 point qualifiers would receive the invites.

* There will NOT be a Cali at this event.

* In the event of a tie for the final spot(s) the player(s) who has/have attended the most glow leagues to that point will be awarded the final spot(s). If a tie still persists, the player(s) with the LOWER PDGA number will receive the invite(s).

* 2 teams will be paid cash. The other two teams will win a set of lights.

The only thing that will void this invite only league is if someone hits an Ace between now and then. Should that be the case we'll do this again sometime in the future (once the Ace Fund is back up). Or have Silky sponsor it, haha ;-)