Angel Gilbert  › Wickes Woods   November 26, 2012 at 1:21pm

loved playing this course for my birthday...well put adam trees make a course and personally i liked how the course was i dont think any trees need to be removed. Quoting Justin Rogers: "well said buddy no wonder that idiot only has 4 firends no doubt he just started and prolly with a bag full crappy of dx plastic! And on another note good job to you jacob and any other people helping make wickes better!" So are you implying that if someone has a bunch of DX plastic in their bag they just started and or suck at disc golf?! If so I take major offense to that. I throw a lot of DX plastic and I think it rocks and I am really good with my DX plastic. So please refrain from knocking someone for throwing DX. Thanks!! Great Course but not up there with hudson no way no how or sleepy.