Ben Calhoun  › Lakeshore   November 21, 2012 at 11:10pm

- Hole C is back in
- Hole #2 has a short pin position- it is not in yet- should be switched soon. They will rotate. Will work on a system for noting on the tee sign which position it is in. Very easy to see once it is- new placement is just over old golf green, about 90 ft shorter and a few feet left.
- New holes X1 and X2 (part of the Woods expansion) are in. They have no cement or tee post just flagged until spring at least. There is a path behind X to X1 tee. X2 is back and to left of X1, shooting back toward X1 tee. After X2, cross over X1 to play hole Y. X1- 265', X2- 200' estimated. Please use caution on few fairways- still have stumps, roots, etc.