Steve Moore  › Camp Taloali   November 7, 2012 at 6:42pm

BIG Thanks go out to Chris Wilcox, Rich Ayers, and Mr. Clean Lee for joining myself and getting work accomplished today at Camp Taloali. Kind of sad picture when half of work force is grand and senior grand masters who are trying hard to get it done. Anyway thanks to 4 of us a lot of dirt tee pad areas are rototilled and in process of getting this task accomplished. For those that can this Friday 10:00 sure would be nice to see anyone that can make it, to make it there. Bring shovels and rakes and such. We should be laying forms and maybe even do some pouring depending. Thanks go out to Chris W for heading this project up at this time.
You all keep saying you want them and now is the time to step and and let some actions do the talking instead of jaws just flapping.

Thanks all and hope to see you there and on future projects.