John Minicuci  › River Bends   October 27, 2012 at 8:00am

The course is going to be under construction very soon. I think baskets 6, 9, 23, and 24 will be removed. We will try to relocate a couple of tee pads from 6 and 24 to make 2 new tee pads at the base of the hill near 23s basket. These 2 new pads will be throwing towards basket 22. For the winter, the course will flow as follows:
Holes 1 - 5 as is
The new tee pads throwing at 22s basket
Hole 7 and 8
Holes 10 - 21
There will be 20 holes on the course until the redesign is complete.
I will try to create an image and post here and in the board ASAP.
Pardon our dust as we try to honor the request of Shelby Twp as they connect the bike path from Metro to Stony.
When the course is completed I imagine the bike path will get connected about the same time making for a busier path.