Brandon Redmond  › Cass Benton Hills   October 9, 2012 at 5:06pm

Mitch- most of us "serious" golfers started out as the casuals you so vehemnetly protect. Just like Dan said, none of us got where we are now by chance. But think of it in a different context...I'm sure there's a professional sports team or 2 you follow right? Would you say that the people playing pick up games have just as much right to playing on the same field as them?

Granted we can't build courses for both parties to use. But the thought process is there. You wouldn't think the average Joe would be able to do the same things as the pro team. But is the professional team ruining the sport? Not at all. Now let's say the pro team says sure why not, use our field. And the ref guys come in, tear up the grass, destroy club houses or lockerrooms, graffiti every flat surface and basically treat the place that the pro team calls home and loves...would you be ok with that?

All we serious golfers ask of casuals is primarily one thing. Respect. Respect the course, nature, other people, and other people's property. Its people like you that have the elitist attitude actually. Thinking that BC you aren't an **** pets guy makes you beret than any of us is just as bad. Granted, I've goofed with some guys who look down on casuals and that's just as wrong but they are few and far between. But when I have to ask someone not to draw on a picnic table, and retrieve a disc with my name and # on it WHILE IM STILL ON THE COURSE (just happened to leave it a few hole back), then that's where we serious golfers are coming from. We are more than welcome to let casuals like yourself play YOUR game, let us play OURS. But don't be surprised if ee call you out for hurting our sport. Bc that's what it is. Its a sport.

Let me ask you many discs have you found? Returned? Attempted to return? How many ppl have you let play through? And how big is your group usually going out? Answer these questions and we can see who might be ruining our sport...