Dan Bienkowski  › Cass Benton Hills   October 9, 2012 at 1:07am

Not usually my style to do this message board arguing, but Im in just for this one time. I will try to be rational but usually that still doesnt work when speaking to irrational people.

1. Who was your original post even directed towards? Someone posting that they lost their disc at Cass and was letting people know that they were offering a reward for its return? What an **** "serious golfer" to do such a thing. He made no comments about owning a park, just was letting people know. The other guy simply pointed out that most of the people at Cass are such low lifes that his disc was as good as gone. End of story. The you decide to throw in your 2 cents like an absolute jackass basically backing up Raymond's response to JB to a tee. Your post had no relevance to their conversation. It was so stupid that I felt compelled to respond to you, hence my message.

2. "Serious" golf(ers) vs "non serious" golf(ers) (your words by the way). We are ALL discing to accomplish one thing -to have fun. I think that may be the one thing we see eye to eye on, but I dont even know about that. The difference in your own eyes between serious and non serious golfers is that we think we own the park? How bout the majority of us dont want people like you treating the courses we play on like the degenerates have at cass. We dont promote you drawing ****es on every table and garbage can, we dont condone destruction of equipment, we dont litter, we dont act like kindergartners in grown mens bodies. We definetly dont steal peoples **** either. And it has obviously bothered you that other people feel the same way, otherwise you wouldnt have made such a dumb post. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that Im sure you think its ok to golf in a group of 15 and not let the 2some behind you pass. I know, that makes me such an ass, why would someone show some common courtesy? Sorry to ruin your hobby- jackass.

3. Where do you think the roots of all disc golfers start at? Do you think we all picked up a disc and started throwing 500ft? We all started out as awful players, and many of us still are awful. The point is that most of us end up respecting the game, respecting nature, and most of all respecting other people. Something that the people have neglected to do at cass for years, hence its current condition.

And last... I will throw farther than you left handed with a ****ing mini. Mini's are things we use to spot our discs fyi. They are smaller versions of the actual disc. Check one out one day... Im done explaining myself to you.