Corey Nufer  › Knollwood Park   August 27, 2012 at 2:14am

The City has refused to dump any but the very front garbage cans for years, the fact is that I do know most of the people that are supposedly responsible for the park and there is simply a lack of interest. I fail to see where Knollwood is a drain on the city budget when they spend virtually no time there whatsoever, seriously, the most time a city employee has spent at the park was when they put in a lockable gate on the driveway. I've called them twice to check out a very dangerous branch teetering over the walkway on 18 and in the two months since I made contact, they haven't even come out to look.

There are plenty of people that do care about this park and actually care enough to volunteer and clean it up themselves and rather than just getting nasty about it, we actually try to do something.. You're right, it isn't that hard to do and there are a few people that just don't care, but that does not mean that the City isn't guilty of their share of the problem. It's easy to place judgment when you haven't personally dealt with the City in this matter and I mean no offense when I say that the players, in general, do care and are doing their part to help.