ben barton  › Shore Acres Park   August 24, 2012 at 10:26pm

Welcome to Shore acres disc golf course. This course is provided to you by fundraising and donations. All the work done here is by volunteers. We take pride in our course and the way we play on it.  This our sanctuary were we come to challenge ourselves as respectful human beings. To play a game we love on a course that has been worked very hard on to obtain and maintain. Please respect it and it's surroundings as gift, for it is. 
Please keep your language appropriate for a family park. I know people get frustrated when a putt is missed and an f bomb is dropped. But please be conscious of your surroundings. 
The disc golf course is in a township park. We are not the only ones that use it. Play the game as a gentleman(or lady). The sport is new to a lot of people so they are interested in watching people play. Please show your spectators the proper way to play. Consult for proper etiquette. 
Please pack out what you pack in. This means no littering. There are garbage cans located through out the course.  Use them. Cigarette butts are trash also. Please field strip them and put them in your pocket or bag. If you are a smoker take responsibility for your actions. 
Please enjoy your Time at shore acres disc golf course. I hope you have a good round. 
Benny B
Course founder