Q .  › Grand Woods Park   August 2, 2012 at 5:52pm

I was stuck behind a group of 15 last night, again!. All drunk, loud and with a wobbling stares, half confrontational. I had a feeling; while standing with them in the tee area, if the wrong thing was said to them they may become combative. I was by no means afraid of them, or the possible situation that could arise but I would understand how others may have been afraid or intimidated by the group.
I keep hearing that we should not be mad at the casuals or that casuals do not actually suck, this group did. For this sport to grow we dont need these types of players to enter the competitive cohort. For the game to grow we need youth to come up which means we need parent involvement. There is no chance of this happening if these types, out number the professional type of player. Parents will not bring, or allow, youth to play this game if they have to stand with groups of players like these. They are a turn off when it comes to growth of the sport. To all of those who say, "we all were once casuals", I was never that guy on or off the course and I am starting to think that many of us, who play competitive disc golf never was. So maybe it should not be said that casuals suck but that
Drunk Casuals Suck!