Steve Moore  › Woodmansee Park   June 27, 2012 at 7:40am

While at course today doing upkeep and such made a list of vandlised items we need to get replaced. I spent some of time cleaning basket top rings of graffiti, possible gang tags, and peoples aces written on them. I hope people will get the hint. As far as tee signs go we now have 3 missing top cover plate and tee sign. Also have two more with top cover plates cracked and broke but still there at this time. Also have had #8 and #17 numbers removed from side of tee posts that will need replacing. I can do the reprint of the sign and get them laminated again as needed. One reason this design has advantage as not to much cost to replace as unfortunetly I figured this may happen some. I feel the club should get another batch of top plates made with extras so we can replace has needed in a timely manner. The upkeep of our courses should be top priority because without them we will not be able to continue the growth of our sport in this area.