Dustin Brummitt  › Great Blue Heron   June 27, 2012 at 4:30pm

Ok I have placed temporary next tee signs underneath every basket made out of wood and hung with bailing wire. They are not permanent but they sure do the job. It should take care of much more of the confusion. Now as for big course maps we have 2 to be put up, 1 in the front and one in the back section. these will not be put up until the city has finished building us a very nice sign that will hold said sign and have room for bulletin postings and a score card holder. The money was donated by the family of a local disc golfer who sadly took his own life. So that is one of the main last things missing besides storm clean up which has gotten worse in a week due to high winds once again and another tornado that was nice enough to mess up more holes in the back. So please continue to hold tight and once all is cleaned up and big signs are posted please feel free to come again and see how you feel after that and let us know if anything else is really missing because she's just about in tip top shape.