Rick Wardell  › Riverpark   June 1, 2012 at 7:05pm

We really need people to come out tomorrow and help out with prepping the Back Back 9 holes. The area hasn’t had any traffic on it and it desperately needs some work. We have a few more baskets to paint, and some anchors to make, then we can install them. We also need to finish off the upper holes. The city is still planning on mowing so we just need to get the areas they can’t mow. We have wood chips to spread out too. If you enjoy playing in Riverdale, come on out and help tomorrow. 8:00Am start. If you can’t make it at 8:00 come out when you can. We will finish when we get tired. Bring water, and stay hydrated. It’s going to be warm out. I am planning on working Sunday too. Probably 9:00ish if you can make it then that would be great too.