Will Schweda  › Veterans Memorial Park   May 3, 2012 at 1:50pm

@Jon options are good. The league rules will apply the same way they have the last 5 weeks. Players with 3 rounds under there belt have an established handicap that will qualify to apply to there scores on the final payout of the field. Being an advanced player like yourself you still have a chance to cash if you shoot good or win some skins. This costs you $5 to get in the game for the offical PDGA rated rounds along with PDGA points. The points and ratings are caculated by the PDGA equivalent to a C-Tier Event. So when you register tonight I will ask everyone what division they would like to play in just like a C-Tier. The divisions are for reporting the scores and caculating ratings by the PDGA. The payouts are caculated by the total number of players in the field and not the individual PDGA divisions.

Now we do have a skins game for $3 a man that is OPTIONAL that about 90% of the field have been playing in also. The skins game is a good way for players with or without a handicap to win some cash in addtion to the total payout. TOTAL Skins Pot Divided by Total Number of Skins out there for the night.

$2 Optional Ace fund

If you get in everything its $10 total. Not bad for a one round Quasi C-Tier Event every Thursday at Parma for the next ten weeks.

Hope you make it out and bring some friends with you.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.