Mr CLEAN  › Keizer Rapids   April 19, 2012 at 8:57am

played at 8am april 18th, all holes playable and course looks good. amazing how much scotch broom was pulled and thanks to whom ever removed the paint off the t-signs! hole 1 still has a big puddle just befor it and its got a bunch of dead fish in so it reaks bad (what kind person biulds a fire in a basket? a retard!, hole 2 has big hole filled with water strait off the t-pad and its deep,3-10 stil dry in trees,11 all dry even past basket,12 & 13 over lake holes and the water is still a lil high,(if you did know how bad scotch broom was on 13)14 is a good reminder how bad scotch broom is,15 lots of scotch broom (for now), 16 and more scotch broom (for now),17 ace run big down tree for back stop behind basket,18 one huge water hole but playable!