Dru "Stylez"  › Ewing Young   February 16, 2012 at 2:22am

Super Bowl Sunday 2012... I'm Here @ Ewing Playing a Round as a Single with my Girlfriend (She's not Throwing). @ Hole #9 I let a Pair Play through... Absolutely NO HEELS ALL DAY! I Get to Hole #12 And as I walk up I see a Group of 5 or 6 Finishing Hole #7, Mind you NO ONE is Behind me on Hole #11. I Play Up to The Basket on 12 (The Last Hole). I'm Getting Ready to Putt, When Right Behind My Girlfriend a Disc Lands... The Group Finishing Hole #7 Jumped to Hole #12 and Threw on us... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! REALLY???? WTF? I ASK THEM IF IT"S ALRIGHT IF I FINISH (Not that it was Gonna take but a Minute)... OH BOY THEY WERE NOT HAPPY. And so I'm Here to Tell you... SCREW YOU JACKHOLE's!!!! Nice Disc Etiquette!