Jeff Hill  › Holly Woods   February 5, 2012 at 4:47am

I paid the $3 today at the Parkway Motel on Dixie Hwy across from the #10fairway. Dude that took my money was surprised to hear that I read about paying for parking there online. He also related a story about people parking on the Dixie Hwy directly outside the motel recently. They had parked on Dixie Hwy right out front of the motel. Michigan State Police had come and ticketed the cars before the folks had come back to the vehicles. As some of the persons came back to their vehicles, and saw their tickets, they were flipping off the motel under the assumption that the motel had called the MSP to report them parking in front of the motel on the Dixie. Should be known that the MSP has a relationship with the people at the motel. My feeling is that is since there is a regular relationship with individuals that regularly reside at the motel with the MSP, it should be acknowleged that the MSP has a relationship with these folks. I do not believe that the motel had anything to do with the tickets issued by the MSP.