Matt Rinker  › Fitzgerald Park   August 7, 2011 at 1:12am

While the CCR has not yet begun to physically help in this project, we have been aware of its happenings and are in full support of Steve and Matt making Fitz a better place to play. I, myself, was out there for 2 of the meeting with Jackie, park manager, to discuss possibilities and changes, and have been out there since to see some of their handy work... and it's only getting me more and more pumped for the Grand Ledge Open.
Since the beginning of the year, Fitz has always been Mooney and Steve's pet project. They are taking a lot of great care into what they are doing and with great care comes great things. There's no need to ruin this greatness with "club politics" :))
At this point, the CCR owns the baskets at Fitz, so it's still a CCR maintained course. But a group of guys... "Two guys with Shovels..." (awesome) that are willing to maintain the course.. call it a Club, a Crew... a bunch of Renegades, call it what you will, more power to them!
The CCR looks forward to working with you guys in the future, on Fitz's renovation and other fundraising efforts.
Cheers to Matt Mooney and Steve Burton, Thank you!