Mike Manard  › Lakeshore   July 16, 2011 at 4:07pm

I assumed the shop phone number would've rang inside the closed shop and wasn't going to just leave them lying on the steps, especially if I expected to be back the following week anyway. It takes me 40 minutes to get to your course, so it's not exactly convenient to "just drop by" on another day. I also managed to contact three of the owners already (phone numbers inked on the back), who plan to pick them up from the Throw Shop after I drop them off tomorrow. I don't understand the lack of effort to which you are referring. Also (if this is Wade that I'm addressing), I talked to both you and Ben Calhoun personally last Sunday before going into the pond and explained exactly what I was doing. I don't care if you're impressed and don't see how it is relevant.

It seems that you expect everyone to know and abide by unwritten (or just undisplayed) rules. How was I supposed to know anyone was available on the course, standing in front of a closed shop with a single phone number (for said closed shop)? How was I supposed to know that you lived there (I just met you)? The whole point I was trying to make here today is that I don't see how anyone is supposed to just know they aren't allowed to retrieve their own discs. You don't make this public knowledge and somehow expect that everyone just knows. I'm actually trying to play along and now you're insulting me on a public forum. Your behavior is extremely unprofessional.