Wade TF  › Lakeshore   July 16, 2011 at 3:46pm

Entering Lakeshore you accept that you are now in a gated community on PRIVATE PROPERTY. NOT a public park. How many public parks do you have to stop by a security gate to confirm your business at the place? Anytime you find something anywhere, no matter how long it has been there, doesn't make it yours. There is no sunken treasure laws applicable here. It's on Lakeshore property, making it Lakeshore property after it has been lost here. I do make the attempt to return any lost/found disc here. If someone has lost a disc with no name on it and has reported it to me I will return it if it is in our possession. Again, you are on private property when you enter Lakeshore apartment complex so when finding something here that was lost, you are obligated to return it to us, bottom line.