Ben Calhoun  › Lakeshore   July 6, 2011 at 3:22am

1. The course is re-installed, remember to thank Delia and Steven Blink for the help everyone
2. The only permanent/physical damage I have found is #7's white tee is destroyed (*they broke it earlier and I took pictures, then tonight we found it was 3 times more damaged, like they did it intentionally later today so please everyone hurt the next carnie you see I am declaring war), they cut branches on #6, #7, #9 (but not as bad as last year), damage to the turf with some holes/ruts/lots of dead grass/sand trap damage. No baskets ruined. I think the impressive amount of caution tape we put up and removal of the baskets really made a difference this year.
3. Course is OPEN shop is OPEN