Dan'hyzer' Kilgore  › Portage Lakes DGC   May 18, 2011 at 3:17am

Thanks erock216 for asking the moderator to delete the thread, thanks EW for backing up erock216. I'm not going to even open up the thread because it doesn't matter. I know we're in good graces with the State park dept with the work that we've accomplished so far, because that's what Bill and Steve reconfirmed with us the last time those two talked to the volenteers of the installation of this DGc).

Are we going to upset an individual (s) with the installation of this DGC, we might. Is that our intention??? NO. as most of the DGers know, we come in peace, not war. We try to keep Mother Earth intact as much as we can in order to enjoy this lifelong activity that we all enjoy. But SOME ONE, really does hate the work we're doing at PL. I don't believe it's a large number of people, but I do feel that there's someone out there destroying some of the hard work that we're trying to accomplish (like the slashing of tee signs). Heck, they're might even be a "danhyzer hater" amongst us for whatever reason. and the reason why I say that is because of all the damage done to DGC that I'm associated with (ie. Wooster, PL). hopefully that isn't the case and these are sperate incidents. But I can tell you one thing. and that is Disc Golf changed MY life. and the roots of my Disc Golf tree are very strong and I have a good upbringing with what DG is all about and where it should grow into. I'm not going to lay down for anyone and i'm not going to get blown over by a nasty thread or an individual.

May the course be with you all---------------------------------------------------- - +.

If I can make a request........ Could you all please play some music that will bring out the "SUNshine".