Dan'hyzer' Kilgore  › Portage Lakes DGC   May 17, 2011 at 11:26am

OHHHHH, I hope I didn't hurt anyones fragile feelings, again. That wasn't my intention. all I know is what I see and what I know. We're (the Disc golfers of the world) not going to make everyone happy with what we try to do, even though everyone I know that is busting their respective tails are trying they're hardest to do whats best in what they feel they're doing to promote DISC GOLF.

Maybe I'm blind or something, but I can't recall the last time I saw a disc golfer at any disc golf course drinking beer and then throwing their empties on the ground. I've seen a few disc golfers throw a cigarette butt on the ground, but i've always asked that person to please pick up their butt, but I've never seen a drinker display this kind of action.

While unearthing this Disc Golf course at Portage Lakes we've discovered a slew of previous people whom have been liter bugs, but the group of volenteers that I've been working with have been picking up the empties that others have choose to discard in the wrong manner rather than what "someone, might have saw or wants to portray".

The volenteers that I've been blessed to be working with have done nothing but to define the fairways and get this DGC into the ground for everyone (It's cool to see non disc golfers using the new "fairways" to walk their dogs or just take a nice relaxed gentle stroll through the park) to enjoy. It's taken way to long, but what do you want when we haven't used much machinery and have only a few dedicated volenteers. Bill and Steve said everything is fine. I believe them moreso than someone that I don't recognize from their respective "nickname from this site", sorry. but thats the way I see it and if I can't even take a looksie to what erock216 was saying it's just heresay. But then again, I don't look for trouble. I just find it and react. If that bothers some people, so be it. I can live with it.

missed you at Wooster saturday, It's always nice to shoot a round or two with you and would of loved to have you witness my "HOT" rounds I shot saturday.

peace out