Dan'hyzer' Kilgore  › Portage Lakes DGC   May 17, 2011 at 4:28am

erock216 wrote "not sure of the who", well you must of read or heard it from someone. but you remember all the slamming but not the person (s) doing the slamming of PLDGc. And since there's no proof of this slamming, just your heresay. I'd suggest you just mind your own buisness and let everything play out. I personally thank you for your concern but ......The club president, Mr. Steve Godar and park liason Mr. Bill Griffith said everything is fine. That's all I need to hear.

As for the beer cans...... This Disc Golf course is in a STATE PARK. State Parks are trying to save money with various cuts. One of them is the absence of trash cans. So if anyone is drinking whatever or eating whatever they need to police themselves and pack out what you pack in. It's pretty simple, If you want to play Disc Golf in a STATE PARK in OHIO you need to clean up after yourself and maybe of others. If not ..... well let's not even go there as I've personally seen some disc golf courses pulled because of liter, cutting down of a tree etc...

What I do see is that there are a greater amount of people trash talking of courses or clubs than there are of volenteers making a differance in the progression of positive growth in Disc Golf in this community. Unless your volenteering. I don't want to hear it period.