Rick Wardell  › Riverpark   December 1, 2010 at 10:09pm

Just moving this back to the top again.. I will be working this Staurday and next Saturday.

We were thinking of having a prewinter work day. Too late I know, but we should try to get some wood chips spread out around the baskets, tee pads, and trails. I asked the city to spread chips around all of those areas, but I am not counting on that happening. I was thinking of Dec 4th or the 11th or both. Bring shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, and anything you can think of to move and disperse chips. If you can bring a truck, that would be great too. If you don’t have tools please come out anyway. There is always extra tools to use. I was thinking of starting around 10:00 am and playing the 1:00 tag round. Perhaps if we get on a roll some of us may work thru the tag round. If it’s too muddy / slimy we won’t be working. If the ground is frozen we can still work. We don’t want to tear up the ground too much with trucks. If someone can’t make it out Saturday they can work anytime they want to. Just spread chips anywhere you think we need it. It’s all good.