Jamie Vincent  › Whitehall Township DGC   September 23, 2010 at 6:41pm

As a member of the township and that board being a township disc golf board.And also asking the township supervisor if i can and he saying "sure jamie thats not a problem." I will continue to post disc golf info at that course and every course. There has been no other problems with signs being torn down at any other course than whitehall...i dont know if its from some Juvenilles that play here instead of other courses, or what exactly it is, but it should stop.

And as far as the big white truck thing, thats what a few people who have come into the store told me...And your right i dont know anyone else with a big white truck..So ill ask Andy have you been tearing down signs at whitehall? And possibly writing on some benches? Or do you know who is doing this?