Rachel Kareha  › Veterans Memorial Park   June 8, 2010 at 5:23pm

We have set that basket up before for the Sunday scrambles, but the permanence of it is very new. Like, two weeks ago. The city is just lazy and hasn't cut the grass in awhile lol.

Yes, that big dirt area used to be a parking lot, but they've been working on tearing it up and leveling it out. The city has been telling us that they are going to plant grass and add 1 or 2 practice baskets there. That should be nice, but at the same time the city has at least 9 baskets just sitting around that they won't give to us. They claim that they're concerned with it being vandalized. I mean, there are apartments and a high school right behind the course... but we keep that course SO clean. We even had a tournament last year to raise money for the baskets. The back half of the course is already all planned out and for the tournament some people brought their baskets and we played the full course that day. We gave the city a decent chunk of cash and still no baskets, but they did give us the cement tee pads. It's just a matter of getting on the city officials and proving to them that it would be a good idea to give us the damn baskets!!

But for now it's just a waiting game...