Southern Maryland Disc Golf Club   December 10, 2012 at 11:55pm

Some Club News now... more to come tonight.

* Last week Park & Rec cut down a large number of trees on fairways for little to no reason at all. Holes most effected are 3, 6, 9, and 11. Next time you play a round through, take another look around and see if you can think of a way to change the hole to improve design. Some options would be: 1) Relocate baskets 2) relocate rubber teepads 3) plant new trees. We need your help for ideas to keep our course both diverse and challenging for all skill levels.

* Last week's meeting went well. I hope to post meeting minutes this week if not tonight. Some quick notes:

- Sunday Ace Pot is now a 75% payout. The other 25% will roll over to next week to begin the ace pot. So if we've collected $300 and somebody hits the ace, they will get payed $225 and the remaining $75 will start the next ace pot.
- The club will be running competitive Montly Events (Monthlies) all year. The first event (January 20) is the Ice Bowl. February has not been determinedet, but we've identified most of the months at the meeting. More details later.
- 2013 Club Memberships are in the works. The club membership package will include a Polo Shirt with club logo, towel, bag tag, etc and also includes discount for all Club Monthly entrance fees.