Milledgeville Disc Golf Club   November 7, 2012 at 9:45am

Making BIG moves out at Myrtle!

As you may have noticed, Myrtle is looking pretty darn good lately. We have been working tirelessly on getting overgrowth cut back in the fairways and some areas close to landing zones. A few minor tweaks have been applied to a couple of holes and you should notice significantly less thorns out there. If you noticed what looks like an alternate tee pad on number 5, you are absolutely correct! It is the first "red" tee, and there are many more to come! A couple baskets have recently been moved and with most of the alternates in the ground now, we are looking into some layouts to rotate to keep things interesting out there. I also plan on fixing the couple of pins that have been hit by the mower within the next couple of days to resurrect a couple of the alternates that have been out of rotation for a while.
With most of the really nasty stuff out of the way and the growing season at an end, it feels like we have the wind at our backs. There are only 3 holes left to install alternate pins and most of the red tees are ready for a trial run after a little clearing and leveling.