Firefly Disc Golf Promotions   November 3, 2012 at 2:49pm

Bad Monkey Rising Schedule

3:00 - Check in
3:20 - Player's Meeting
3:30 - Round 1 Tee Off - 2x7=14 holes
5:30 - Dinner - Thanks to Bad Monkey Bikes!
6:30 - Player's Meeting
6:45 - Round 2 Tee Off - 2x7=14 holes
9:00 - Final Meeting - Course Open to anyone
11:00 Course Closed

We'll have glo Archon's for sale ($15) during check in and dinner. Hoverglow will also be there by dinner time to offer their LED solution for making your favorite non-glo disc light up.

Guests that wish to come and play after the final round can do so for a suggested $5 donation or free with the purchase of a Bad Monkey Rising Glo Disc for $10.

The first round is played as singles. Both player's scores will be averaged to determine your team's first round score. The second round will be played as traditional best throw doubles. If either player's disc lands in the basket from the tee it will be counted as an ace for the team. Teams should decide beforehand if they are going to split ace winnings or give it to the player that hit the ace. The ace pot will be rounded up to an even $25. If no one hits an ace the money will go to Bad Monkey Bikes to cover some of their costs for the night.