Capital City Renegades   October 13, 2012 at 8:06pm

Leagues, leagues, tags and acepools...

First off, sorry we didn't resovle the acepool money til after the league party. In a perfect world, I would have remember sooner or thought of the likelyhood a couple weeks out and planned for it... but I didn't. What did I learn? Remember next year :)
Tuesday dubs is comong to an end, if you have money banked, be sure to cash in soon... when the seasons over, your bank goes with it.
As for this years tag finals... this will be the last year all 8 play for the #1 tag. Next year the top 4 play for 1-4 and 5-8 play for just that. I will order 1-10 gold tags to be awarded at the end of the finals so all those who are deserving, get a gold tag. So if you have 2 or 6 or any gold tag and didn't make it to the finals, please see that it gets to its rightful owner.
2013 tags will be availble at Kick out the Yams, this coinsides with when Burchfield will be getting their annuals, so CCR members can get half off!
Glo league has started. Right now we are teeing of at 830 pm at Grand Woods. If you need lights, Mitch is always ready to sell you some. Golf is $5 plus $1 for acepool... light prices, ask Mitch.
We will be having an all Club Meeting next month. I'm gonna look at the calender and pick a day. This will be the final day you have to announce a desired position with the Club.

The extra 6 baskets at The Woods have been pulled for now. Thank you Alex for your help!
We're coming to the end of a busy season with a few big events left. Anyone willing or wanting to step up and help get the courses cleaned up or mark pads at Fitz, let me know... help is always welcome!