Southern Maryland Disc Golf Club   July 27, 2012 at 4:09pm

Club Meeting - Monday, August 6th - 6:30pm

Everyone is invited to attend, discuss and provide feedback about past/future club and course happenings.

Meeting place is TBD (either Jerry's house or at the Course). Expect meeting to last two hours. If it's held at the course, maybe we can play a round of Glow afterward.

Please send Kristen/Jeff/Mike/Jerry any topics you'd like to discuss.

Current agenda items:

Primary: talk about upcoming club events such as the Discraft Ace Race, winding down the summer league, glow golf stuff, and more DG Happenings.

Follow-on topics:
The benches Sean has started making; where/how to install them.

Necessary course work; possibly removing the tree on hole 1, Tee sign status, basket relocations.