Whitehall Disc Golf   July 27, 2012 at 5:34pm

WDG Update

Whitehall Disc Golf Update: There are 9 new holes designed and marked, that will eventually complete the "Deep 18" (formerly known as the Deep 9). As most of you know, the logging crews left a huge mess out there, so there is a ton of brush clearing to be done. Our hopes were to have this new design complete and ready for the HMC 9 in September, at this point that may be a bit ambitious... If anyone would like to help out in getting the holes cleared an playable, that would be a huge help. If someone has access to a wood chipper, that would be a double bonus. We will be setting up a course maintenance day soon, in the meantime, if anyone is interested in helping, let me know and I can show you the layout and what needs to be done.

Also, you might have noticed the new signs on the front and back, another great addition to our course. Thanks to the Churches and Whitehall Township for making that happen, and to Mike Shields for all of his help with the signs and installation.

Thanks again to Tim, Oliver, and Ella Evans for taking out the trash.

Ace Race is filling up so if you want in you better sign up, looks like a sweet package this year, and remember, we are capping at 50 so once we hit that, sawwwry.

Don't forget that Leagues will be at Montague this coming Monday Night (7-30-12), get there as early as possible so we can get moving by 6.