Team Night Moose   June 21, 2012 at 6:12pm

3rd Annual Night Moose Open

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is getting close to that time once again. This could only mean Night Moose Open 2012. This is the 3rd consecutive year we will be running this event and it will be held the weekend of October 25-27.

Friday the 25th we will be hosting a glow round at the Moose Meadows course as well as an after party. There will be specific prizes and CTP's for everyone who comes out for the glow round. As usual, everyone is welcome to bring a tent because we have plenty of room. Saturday the 26th the first round will be at Willow Metropark. We will play 1 round of 24 holes from the shorties. The second round will be at the Moose Meadows course in which we will play two rounds. Lunch will be provided on site, however, you are responsible for your own refreshments. The tournament format will be the same as in previous years in which you play doubles with rotating partners and the lowest single person score is the winner.

This year the max number of players we can accomadate will be 40. Unfortunately it will not be open registration. Due to the amount of holes playable at the Moose Meadows course we can only house 40 players. There is a reserved list of club members and frequent Night Moose league players who will be informed by either myself or other staff members of their invitation. Thanks for everything and all the help from all the league members who have assisted running leagues so far this year.