June 4, 2012 at 7:55am

Back on Track

Hey 801, it's been a while. Sorry I went MIA for a couple of months, if you may know got a new job and cannot get a day off until July 1st. I've been asked a few times if we are putting on another tournament anytime soon, and the answer is YES. It will be mid September (ball park figure) i'll get the exact date withing a couple of weeks. Yes it will be a Tiered event. Also, want to get a couple of singles monthly's really soon, was thinking Sunday mornings? I would appreciate any feed back and suggestions. Also.... was thinking doing for sure one glow round soon, maybe more, pending on how sweet the 1st one. Thats the plans in the making in a nut-shell, thanks guys for your patience, understanding, and my apologies for MIA. *** PS*** if you may PLEASE send me a message @ [email redacted] just stating your name & best way to contact you ( text, phone, e-mail etc.) THANKS 801

-Robert J.