Disc Fanatics of Kansas   June 4, 2012 at 2:09am


Thursday night’s DFOK meeting was very productive. The meeting was the third in a series of meetings held this spring. A total of 14 local disc golfers have attended these meetings, averaging 9 players per meeting.

On Thursday night, all types of great ideas were further discussed. Most importantly, the DFOK members in attendance decided (by vote) on many important decisions for the upcoming Bag Tag & Points Leagues.

The following summarizes the league related results of the meeting.

2012-2013 BAG TAG LEAGUE - $5 One-Time Player Fee for this League

1. First Batch Funding: Thanks to the generosity of the following players, the required funds have been raised to purchase the first batch of tags for this season.
In Chronological Order
$30 – Rob Adams
$20 – Mark Kewley
$20 – Jon Tveite
$20 – Rick Petrie
$20 - Adam Jonhson
$5 - Bill Pryor
$5 - Kirsten Hoogstraten
$5 - Elliot Arpin
Each of these players will be reimbursed by the club, minus their $5 entry fee, as the season progresses.
(Tom Lowman pledged $35 but was not needed. Thanks for offering, Tom!)

2. Bag Tag Artwork: This year’s tags will be high quality one piece tags which are mass produced by a company in Illinois. Once again this year, Mark Kewley provided multiple graphic/artwork options. The artwork for this year’s tag was finalized at Thursday night’s DFOK meeting. Our artwork and bag tag order will be sent to the manufacture this week. We expect to receive our first batch of tags later this month.

3. Bag Tag Schedule: There will be no major changes to the Bag Tag league schedule for this season. (Not to be confused with the Points League). The season will start in late June 2012, ending in late May 2013. Thus including many months of winter play too.

4. Bag Tag Challenge Rules: There are only minor, but important changes to the 2012-2013 Bag Tag league rules. These rules will apply to situations when “reasonable” Challenges for Top 10 tags are not being honored. Further details will be provided soon, plus in the official league rules.

5. Numberless “Casual” Tags: This may be an option for those of you who don’t get into playing for the standard sequentially numbered tags, but otherwise enjoy the Warner league experience. If you are interested in a numberless tag please contact Rick (me) ASAP, because there will be a limited supply of numberless tags.

2012-2013 POINTS LEAGUE - $5 Bag Tag League Membership Required.

1. Points League Schedule: There will be three "short” & separate back-to-back-to-back Points League seasons this time around, rather than only one long Points League season. These seasons will start/finish with the changes of daylight savings time. Thus there will be “Summer”, “Winter” & “Spring” Points League seasons. The final Spring season will end in late May (in sync with the Bag Tag league schedule).

2. Points League Divisions: With this season’s Points Leagues, there will be four divisions for players to choose from, rather than just Men’s & Women’s divisions in the previous years. The divisions to chose from will be Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational, and Women's.

3. Points League Point Structure: Points will be earned according to divisions, rather than according to all players in attendance at an event. For example; If a total of 5 Intermediate Division players are competing at an official league night, the maximum points those Intermediate Division players can earn that night is 5 points (unless he/she hits an ace too).

4. NOT Handicapping the Points League: Handicapping the Points League has been discussed at great length at all three of the DFOK meetings this spring. It was decided at Thursday’s meeting that having three short seasons, plus divisions to choose from, would be simpler & more widely supported than a handicapped league.

With that in mind, you can look forward to starting the 2012-2013 DFOK Bag Tag League and Points League sometime in late June. With the changes described above, it is sure to be a more enjoyable & exciting season.

Stay Fanatical My Friends!


(P.S. If you find any of the above information confusing, feel free to ask me a question via this web site or in person)