Disc Fanatics of Kansas   May 31, 2012 at 6:23am

Disc Golf - Beyond Your Game

The first order of business in this DFOK news flash is to recognize Thad & Austin for their maximum effort today. These two DFOK ambassadors made time in their schedules to work both the afternoon & morning sessions of the disc golf clinic (at Tuttle Creek). Their enthusiasm & dedication certainly made an impression that will reap rewards for all disc golfers. Bravo to this dynamic duo!

THURSDAY, May 31st, is going to be a busy day for DFOK in Manhattan! Keep reading for more details.

There are two more sessions of the disc golf clinic at the Tuttle Creek State Park River Pond course. This effort directly benefits kids from all but two Kansas counties who are visiting Manhattan for the week. These visitors are in town as part of the 4-H Discovery Days annual event.
To pitch in & help host, just head out to the Tuttle Creek course during any of these time blocks. If you only have a few minutes, it would still be helpful.
Thur. 9:30am to 11:30am
Thur. 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Tomorrow night is the 3rd in a series of meetings with the intention of becoming more organized.
This meeting is scheduled for 6pm in the Grosebeck meeting room of the Manhattan Public Library. The library is located at 629 Poyntz Ave. in Manhattan.
Among topics to be discussed are as follows.
1. Establishing DFOK as an official not-for-profit club. (potentially establishing some committees).
2. Club Membership Levels & associated benefits of each membership level.
3. DFOK Bag Tag purchasing update.
4. Discuss & Finalize Bag Tag league rules/adjustments.
5. Discuss & Finalize Points league rules/adjustments.
6. Tuttle Tuesday doubles league rules/adjustments.
7. Potential public awareness (a.k.a. public relations) efforts in our community.
8. Warner Park “Next Nine” update.
9. Fairmont Park "Next Nine" update.
10. Other business if needed.

Stay disc fanatical my friends!