Disc Fanatics of Kansas   December 3, 2012 at 10:56pm

Warner & Fairmont Project Updates.

The last few weeks have been eventful for both the Warner Park and Fairmont Park projects.

WARNER PARK (City): A leadership contingency from this club has been working towards obtaining approval to proceed with Phase II of the Warner Park course. This Phase II would amount to adding 9 more holes to the Warner Park course. No specific course layouts have been proposed, primarily because we first need to get the City comfortable with the general concept of using more of the park for disc golf.
After making a presentation at the November Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meeting, plus discussing the subject at both the November and December meetings, getting the City comfortable with more disc golf in the park is not going to go quickly. Good news is the board and the City believe disc golf is a positive thing in Warner Park, however some additional public process steps will need to be taken before anything else can be constructed in that park. Stay tuned for additional project information as it becomes available.

FAIRMONT PARK (Riley Co.): Last week I met with a Riley County representative to walk the expected expansion area of Fairmont Park. This was the first on-site meeting with a county official to view the expansion area. Like above, no proposed course layout has been submitted to the governing body of this park. This meeting was used to take very close looks at property boundaries, general fairway angles, and the possibility of building in some of the parks heavily wooded areas. This meeting proved to be very productive for both parties.
The next steps on this project are as follows. The County will discuss the project at the next Riley County Parks Board meeting, plus they will discuss the potential fairway areas with the adjoining property owners. I was told no disc golfers need to attend that board meeting. After we hear back from them we will be able use their feedback to to begin our work in finalizing our course layout... We may, or may not, be required to present our course proposal to the Riley County Commission. Stay tuned for additional project information as it becomes available.