Chain Gang Disc Golf   May 8, 2012 at 12:43am

Tuesday 2S

Tomorrow is the big day ya'll. Got a couple big things in store for CHAIN GANG'S first event. Really hoping to have a mess hall full of murderers. The bigger the gang, the better the payout.Call ur peeps and lets make this an unmissable event. btw, I'm not so computer savvy so i really need a graphic designer like asap. Any pros? let me know and we'll work out a payment plan. ty. I made a flyer, got it posted at woodz, but ill post it here now. Better designs to come for sure... just gotta get this going. Thanx for the love and support! cya all tomorrow. Again, any questions, call agro, 9712080390... I'd love to get u excited about some disc golf.