PANAMA CITY CHAIN GANG   April 30, 2012 at 8:20am

PDGA sanctioned tournament in Freeport, this Saturday, May 5th!

Don't stop now, there is a PDGA tournament in Freeport (about 45 min. from here) this Saturday, May 5th! If you have never been to the course in Freeport "Chain Dragon" it is a beautiful 18 basket course. Almost a combination of our two parks, Joe Moody and UTO, but with a couple of holes that are more 'open' and there are a few water hazards along the course which really make it interesting. I would suggest however before playing this course that you purchase a floater disc. You may not need it, but I have witnessed a couple of discs given to the lady of the lake. Here is more on this event. Oh, you can also see some images of this course under my photo albums.

Hey Everyone!
We can't wait to see everyone at the 2nd Annual Let the Dragons Fly!! @ Freeport Sports Complex
Saturday May 5th 2012
PDGA C-Tier & Southern Nationals Qualifier
(Only $5 Non-Member Fee)
For more info:!/eatsleepdisc,220398

If you need more info just let me know! You can also find more under the PDGA site under tournaments.