Capital City Renegades   April 12, 2012 at 3:55am

CCR Wednesday Singles

Did you know that it's not too late to join CCR's Wednesday singles league? We are only 2 weeks in and you get 4 scores dropped from your 24 week season, plus, there's the disc and dry-fit shirt for signing up and it's only $35 (plus and additional $10 for the 10 PDGA sanctioned round we play mid summer)... and if you're a CCR Club member, that $35 just turned into $30... wanna become a CCR member and play league... $45.
And for all you Ladies, we have a division just for you. $25 and you get a disc and a shirt, $40 and the Club membership and Tag are yours as well! And if 4 or more women sign-up, Erin Oakley, herself, is going to donate a mini-basket to the winner! Of course, to make competition fair, ladies, you have the luxury of also playing with a handicap (so don't worry, Val Jenkins isn't gonna swoop into town and steal that mini-basket from under you all). Lauren C showed up on the 11th hoping for a field... so that's one, give me 3 more!
Next week, April 18th we'll be playing Burchfield, tee-off is at 6pm, if you're new to league this year, show-up early to sign-in, get your tag and find a foursome!