Mid Valley Disc Sports Association   March 9, 2012 at 12:12am

By-Laws are in effect:

Mid-Valley Disc Sports Association By-Laws


Section 1.01 The principle office of the corporation shall be located at 15651 SE Woodland Heights Road Amity, OR 97101. The BOD (Board of Directors) shall have the power and authority to establish and maintain branch or subordinate offices at any other locations within Yamhill County.


Section 2.01 This association is organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in Section 501 (c ) (3 ) of the internal Revenue Code. The Mission of the MVDSA (Mid-Valley Disc Sports Association) is to ensure the growth and enjoyment of Disc Sports in Yamhill County


Section 3.01 The fiscal year of the corporation shall be from January 1st – December 31st.


Section 4.01 Membership to the MVDSA (Mid-Valley Disc Sports Association) shall be open to the public regardless of race , religion, gender, age or political affiliation. At time of membership registration, all members shall be required to pay annual membership dues of $10 and to provide sufficient personal information for contact purposes. Membership dues are to be paid by January 1st and may be paid late with a suspension of membership privileges during non-current status and without prorated discounts.

Section 4.02 Member Meetings to be held First Sunday of every month at 5:00 pm; except when conflicting with national Holidays, or B-Tier or higher Oregon events; in which case meeting will be moved to the immediate following Sunday. Annual Elections to be held during December meeting for BOD and positions to go into effect January 1st of upcoming year.
Meetings will consist of:
1) Role/ Call sign in sheet, New Member introductions.
2) Treasury report.
3) Announcement of Meeting Agenda
4) BOD report on Agenda Items
5) Open Forum
6) Voting when necessary
7) Results of Voting
8) Closing and announcement of next meeting

Section 4.03 Special Meetings requiring immediate attention may be called at any time with no less than two weeks’ notice outside of normal monthly meeting schedule. All special meetings must be announced in writing, or called to attention at the previous regular meeting and mentioned in the meeting minutes that shall be posted in writing. President must be in attendance at special meeting; or when not possible a minimum of 2 BOD members must be present.

Section 4.04 Participation in Meetings. All paying Members shall have a vote on all actions of the Association equally and in the event of a tie, the deciding vote will go to the President; If President unavailable then to the Majority decision of the BOD. Issues requiring a vote will be nominated for a vote and passed with a simple majority. When possible votes will be accepted through MVDSA website polls/ email to the secretary. All members shall be granted an open forum during each meeting to voice concerns and request a vote at next meeting or to schedule a special meeting if majority BOD deems necessary.

Section 4.05 Member conduct shall adhere to all State, Federal, County and City laws and be conducted in a respectful manner. Obvious disregard for laws, rules and ordinances or proper decorum will result in a single warning and a subsequent forfeiture of membership and dues for remainder of current fiscal year or fro a term as voted upon according to normal voting procedures.


Section 5.01 Positions consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Director, Tournament Director and Sergeant-at Arms. BOD must consist of residents of Oregon, of age 18+. Year 2012 offices have been nominated and are in force temporarily until election meeting held in April. Subsequent year’s elections will be held as stated in By-Laws during December meeting to go in effect January 1st.

Section 5.02 BOD Duties include forming committees and reporting at all meetings. BOD are able to be reimbursed for expenses with proper documentation of expenses and a purchase order signed by atleast 2 BOD officers. BOD officers are required to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours a year outside of meetings, 10 hours quarterly to activities benefiting the Disc golf Community including work parties, tournament/ league preparation and Association approved projects. BOD are subject to the same expectations of conduct as members.
Section 5.03 BOD Specific Duties:
President – Oversee all matters and provide direction to Association. Start and end all meetings; Conduct all votes and cast deciding vote when necessary. Approve all purchase orders over $50. Promote MVDSA membership, sponsorship opportunities, inventory and future projects.
Vice President – Assist President with all duties and fill in for President when President is unavailable.
Secretary – Document all MVDSA activities and make available to members.
Treasurer – Collect and account for all MVDSA funds. Report on finances and submit financial statements for tax purposes. Provide purchase order documents and reimburse BOD for appropriate expenses.
Activities Director – Form and direct subcommittees to accomplish goals of MVDSA as BOD deems necessary. Maintain public contacts with respect to specific project.
Tournament Director – Organize and run MVDSA events and series and coordinate adherence to all PDGA or other organizational guidelines. Assign assistant TD duties as needed. Maintain official’s requirements.
Sergeant-At-Arms – Enforcement of BOD and member duties. Oversee all aspects of MVDSA in accordance with By-Laws. Recommend plan of action for issues as they arise.