February 29, 2012 at 9:27pm


Feeze Fest is just around the corner! So there will be 6 classes give or take on the turn out. So the for sure ones will be Open, Advanced, Intermediate, Womens, and advanced masters. If there needs to be open masters or open/advanced women than I will add those in as well as needed. Details on the tournament! There will be two rounds of 20, and between rounds there will be 3 holes switched around to change things up a little bit. It is $40 for the open class, and $30 for the rest. If you are a 801 Krew member it is 5 dollars off! You may also sign up to become an 801 krew member the day of the tournament to receive the $5 discount. Sign up will start at 7:30-9:30. Players meeting at 9:30, tee off roughly 10-10:15. Everyone who participates will receive a players package including a Putter & Mini with custom Freeze Fest Stamp just for showing up! There will be a putting contest as well as $1 CTP + Customized Disc from the 801 KREW for the winner. Payouts!! for the open class there is a GUARANTEED $300.00 possibly more, again depending on the turnout. The other classes will get Prizes and Gift Cards and 40% payout. I want to make this the start of something new, fresh, exciting and enjoyable, please invite all your friends to come out. Any further questions please feel to write me on here on contact me @ 801-300-6756